Cocoa / Coffee Products

Cocoa Beans

Type: Cacao
Variety: Criollo
Processing Type: Roasted
Maturity: 100
Size (cm): 1
Grade: A
Weight (kg): 25
Place of Origin: Ghana

Cocoa Powder

We choose high-quality cocoa beans used to produce pure cocoa powder from Ghana, Malaysia, Columbia, Mexico, etc. Type:  Natural Cocoa Powder 4-9%  Natural Cocoa Powder 10-12% Alkalized Cocoa Powder 4-9% Alkalized Cocoa Powder 10-12%

Specification of Cocoa Powder Natural 4-9%
Item Standard
Taste Natural cocoa smell, not taste mouldy or burnt
Moisture % 2.46

Fat Content %

Ash % 9.26
Fineness % 99.37%
PH Value 5.20
Total Plate Count cfu/g 190
Coliform MPN/g <30
Yeast cfu/g <10
Mould Count cfu/g 10
Salmonellae Negative/25g
Staphylocuccus Aureusa Negative/25g


Coffee Beans

Type: Coffee Bean
Variety: Arabica
Processing Type: Green, unroasted
Grade: A
Maturity: 100%
Max. Moisture (%): 12
Additional Ingredient: 0
Shelf Life: 2 Years
Weight (kg): 1
Place of Origin: Taiwan
Cultivation Type: COMMON
Process: honey

Coffee Powder

Type: Instant coffee
Flavor: Chocolate
Feature: Caffeinated
Packaging: Bag
Grade: High quality
Shelf Life: 24 months
Brix (%): 5
Max. Moisture (%): 4
Weight (kg): 5
Additives: sugar, milk, non-diary creamer
Product name: Instant Coffee Powder
Main Ingredients: Robusta coffee, Arabica coffee
Packing: OEM packing
STORAGE: Cool Dry Place

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